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Convincing  your spouse to swing

Revenge Sex! – Don’t leave your wife or girlfriend at a Swing Club!

Upside down Pineapple – Myth or Legend

Are you guaranteed sex at a swingers club?

Our funny stories about the swinging

Kasidie Krush at Hedo, the first days!

Should you out yourself to friends and family about being a Swinger?

How to get out of a conversation at a lifestyle event

Swinger Etiquette at Lifestyle Events

Lifestyle Conventions for Swingers

Dress for success in the swinging lifestyle

Louisiana Rumble, a motorcycle rally for swingers

A Single male who took our advice is thriving in the swinging lifestyle

Our personal boundaries in the swinging lifestyle

The Korral – A Haunted Swingers Club in PA

Rejection in the Swinging Lifestyle

Bait and Switch in the Swinging Lifestyle

We talk to Club Sapphire from Seattle Washington at Ms No Swim Suit.

LaTonja – Adult Alternative Lifestyle

Mars Shags Venus at Ms No Swim Suit

Ms No Swim Suit Contest at Hedonism II Resort in Jamaica

Reignite your relationship, don’t fall into the Relationship Frump!

We talk to Dilly and Dally at Hedonism II Resort in Jamaica

We live in a Haunted House

Dilly takes a ride on our Motor Bunny at Hedonism Resort

Our First OFFICIAL Podcast! 1 year with Tom’s Trips.

Tips for the Single male in the Swinging Lifestyle

Fakes and Flakes in the Swinging Lifestyle

Tom’s Trips and ASN Lifestyle Magazine partner together!

Swingers really shave their Privates?

21 Questions about our Swinging Lifestyle with TomandBunny

The Elusive Single Female by TomandBunny

TomandBunny interview Mike and Sheri from ASN Lifestyle Magazine

BUYER BEWARE! When purchasing Adult Lifestyle Travel from unknown people.

Aliases and Nicknames in the Swinging Lifestyle with TomandBunny