Tom and Bunny at Hedonism HEDO II Lifestyle Resort in Jamaica for the Jamaican Theme Party

PLEASE READ: We do our Vlogs (Video Blogs) out of a demand for information about the Swinging Lifestyle.  We ran a large upscale swing club for over 18 years and currently we work for Tom’s Trips an adult lifestyle travel agency and many times people ask us questions about different aspects of the swingers lifestyle.  We figured after several of the same questions there was a need to make our thoughts available to more people.  We are not Therapist or Trained in anything!  We use our experience and we say what personally works for us as an active couple in an alternative sexual relationship that many do not talk about, but we tell you what our perspectives are and we say that what works for us may or may not work for you or your marriage or relationship. You may agree or disagree with anything we say, however remember, we are not saying it’s our way or no way, just what works for us as Tom and Bunny.  Please note that when watching our videos, and we hope you enjoy our carefree attitudes and our interactions with each other.

What it’s like to go to a lifestyle club!

What’s the Upside Down Pineapple?

Misconceptions about the Swinging Lifestyle

Get up and meet people!

Age Difference in the Lifestyle

It’s expensive to be a swinger

Bait and Switch in the Swinging Lifestyle

Sex and Boundaries

My Sex Toy Collection

What’s in our Play Bag ???

Tips for the Single men in the Swinging Lifestyle

Fakes and Flakes in the Swinging Lifestyle

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Erectile Dysfunction Part 2

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Playroom Etiquette

Adult Travel – WARNING Buyer Beware

STD – Sexually Transmitted Disease

DRAMA in the Lifestyle

Start meeting people on websites at Clubs

Everyone keeps asking what are you two up to ? 

ALIAS or NICKNAMES in the Swinging Lifestyle

No Swim Suit Contestant #5 Jessyka

What it’s like to attend an actual swingers club

Female Dysfunction – To Lube or Not to Lube

How to deal with After Play

How to spot a SWINGER

What to wear at a lifestyle event

Swinging and Erectile Dysfunction

Body Confidence with Tom and Bunny

Swinging with the Single Female

Swinger Profiles – Do’s and Don’t

Swing Clubs – House Parties – Hotel Parties & Meet n Greets

10 hard core questions with Jeff the Body Painter

Should you OUT yourself as a SWINGER ?

Why couples swing

Swinging with the Single Male

Going to a Nudist or Clothing Optional Resort and not feeling insecure

Couples Cruise – Full Charters for Swingers

Swingers need to Communicate

Mark Maze Entertainer of the Year with Tom’s Trips

We interview Matt and Bianca from Everybodyswing.com

Join us at Naughty in Nawlins

Ms No Swim Suit Contest Hedo Resort in Jamaica

Tom and Bunny at Hedo Resort in Jamaica

How not to be a Douche at a Swingers Club

Naughty in Nawlins on a budget

Tom and Bunny discuss what it’s like to go to an actual Swingers Club

Real Swingers answer questions about SEX

Ms FA contestant for Ms No Swim Suit