Emails to us

From time to time we get emails from our viewers and we always get excited reading them and we thought we would make this page to share some of the compliments we have received. if we can find older ones we will add them but these are more recent emails we have received.

Received June 2018

My boyfriend and I were sitting here giggling at the video… we haven’t experienced that as of yet but we pretty much agree that your videos are SO blunt, honest and entertaining.

He said you 2 are like the “cool aunt and uncle” of the swinging community… I thought that was an awesome description.

Next time you are in New Orleans we’d be happy to buy you 2 a drink just to trade some stories!


Received June 2018

Thanks 4 another awesome video!?┬áThank you for spreading personal responsibility/maturity and laying down the basic ground rules by speaking all the “unspokenables” in the Lifestyle. You both are so down 2 earth And i love it when i see a notification that u have posted a new video. Have u ever thought about selling courses on how to start a regular weekly swingers party/ or club? I could think of no 2 people better qualified. Reason I’m asking is in my area of East Tennessee there are slim to few parties / clubs and what is available is not consistent. And honestly I can tell bye other swingers I have spoke with and my own opinion that in our community we are lacking the more upscale accommodations and atmosphere. I know for a fact that if one of the clubs that you have featured on Tom trips was in Knoxville Tennessee it would be extremely successful. Thanks again for the amazing work you do in our community