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What it’s like to go to a lifestyle club!  Dated: 8/20/2019

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Tom and Bunny

Podcasters, Vloggers and Bloggers in the Swinging Consensual Non Monogamy Lifestyle.

Tom and Bunny are well respected in their respective community in the Swingers Lifestyle and bring with them a long history of both real experiences and working in the lifestyle experience.   Married while still in High School at 18 years old little did they know what direction their life would take them.  After being married 10 years they decided to start looking into the swinging scene and discussed this idea for 5 years before making the ultimate decision to move forward in their quest to find more excitement to their already sex filled marriage.

The lifestyle and Tom and Bunny were a match and they soon started working for one of the nation’s oldest and largest on premise swing clubs and eventually moved up in the organization to the title of General Managers of the club.  After working for the club for 18 years and winning 5 awards for Best California Club and Club of the Year they decided that they had reached their goals and it was time to take the next step in their journey through life.

Contacting Tom’s Trips, the leader in Adult Lifestyle Travel to Hedonism Resort, Tom and Bunny explained who they were, where they were when they originally started at their club and where they and the club were today, after 3 days of talks Tom and Bunny accepted the positions offered by Tom’s Trips as Director of Promotions and Travel Consultants.   With this new position Tom and Bunny were able to travel throughout the nation promoting Tom’s Trips to couples and singles at many types of clubs, events and conventions.

Vlogging became natural for Tom and Bunny as a way to reach new and experienced couples and singles looking for information about the swingers lifestyle by giving their opinions of many scenarios they have seen during their many years in the lifestyle.  Whenever people would ask them the same questions because videos for others as the thought is, if 5 people have the same questions, thousands out there do too and do not know where to get the answers. On a personal note, when Tom and Bunny do their videos, they take full showers, hair and make-up, fresh clothes and if they are doing several videos, they change clothes between videos.  Typically this all starts at 11pm so it’s quiet and the phones are not ringing.

With Vlogging being so natural, clubs started asking them to give tours of their clubs so people local as well as all over the world could see their amazing clubs and share with them their opinions on what they liked about each club.  Whenever Tom and Bunny go to a new swinger’s lifestyle club they always ask if they can run their camera through to share the experience of what a club looks like.

Many people expressed that they love the YouTube videos but often times they are just listening to the audio in their car, at the gym or even at work in their headphones and many asked about podcast, and the Swing with TomandBunny podcast was born.  They started doing Podcast as it is actually easier to do Podcast then to do videos.  You are not required to take a shower, dress up and look happy with a smile on your face when you are only recording audio.  Typically Tom and Bunny do their podcast in their living room in their underwear watching TV, but we are not supposed to tell you that!

Tom and Bunny are very excited and proud that Bunny is one of ASN Lifestyle Magazines Influential Women of the Lifestyle!

Our club tours take us to some of the best lifestyle on premise and off premise clubs in the nation including Trapeze Ft lauderdale and Atlanta, CouplesXscape, Hub City Select,  EC Oasis, PlayersDFW in Dallas , Players Club in San Antonio, Club Sapphire Washington State, The Friends Club in Austin Texas, Colette Clubs in Austin, Dallas, Houston and New Orleans, Club Twist in San Francisco and ClubFA in Southern California.

We can be found on many of the Adult Swinger Lifestyle websites using the screen name “TomandBunny” such as Kasidie , Swinglifestyle, LifestyleLounge, SDC, Lovevoodoo, Swingtowns, TheSwingSite and many others  We are not on AFF or AdultFriendFinder sorry

We have many social media sites that we can be found on as well, you can find us on twitter as @swingwithTnB or on our facebook page or group under the same name Swing with TomandBunny

We do not chat or friend people on facebook that we do not personally know, if you would like to contact us, please use our contact page and we will respond via email