Tom and Bunny at the Host Welcome Desk at Toms Trips Hedonism group trips to check couples in

PLEASE READ: We travel all over the nation to events promoting Tom’s Trips Adult Lifestyle Travel and we have found that attending these events that one thing was lacking in the lifestyle, a chance to see the venue before you actually attend an event!  So any chance we get we try to do a video tour of the facility.  Note that we do not own or operate these parties, clubs or events and we are not there to “Review” these events but rather focus on what we personally like about what each event offers.  We do not post anything negative to influence you to not attend but rather we suggest you go and base your own opinion!  Please contact the event for any questions.

Players Club – San Antonio, Tx

Trapeze Atlanta – Atlanta, GA

The Korral – Spring Grove, PA

The Friends Club – Austin, Tx – Austin, TX

Infliction Hall – Dallas / Fort worth, TX

E&C Oasis – Lafayette, LA

Invest in Secrets Hideaway in Kissimmee, FL

Secrets Hideaway Resort in Kissimmee, FL

Secrets Hideaway Resort in Kissimmee, FL – PART 2

Tour Rooftop Resort in Hollywood, FL

Tour Trapeze Club in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Tour Colette Club in Houston, TX

Tour Colette Club in Dallas, TX

Tour ClubFA in San Bernardino, CA

Tour Colette Club in New Orleans, LA

Tour Players DFW in Dallas, TX

Tour Trapeze in Atlanta, GA

Tour the Diamond Club inside Trapeze Atlanta, GA

Tour Hub City Select in Hattiesburg, MS

Tour Club Twist in San Francisco, CA

Tour Club Sapphire in Seattle, WA

Tour Club Privata in Portland, OR