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Thank you for your interest in us coming to your club.

Clubs contact us as they know that with our Club tour videos and our direct reach with our Video Vlogs and Podcast on the Swingers Lifestyle  that their numbers increase with both local and traveling Couples and Singles who either are in the swinging lifestyle or looking to explore the swingers lifestyle and often are not even aware that your clubs exist.

We are often told by Club owners and Managers that directly because of our video tour of their club, that many new members attended their club solely based on watching our videos. One club commented that a couple said they would not go to any club unless they seen it on the Tom and Bunny website.  Many times people who travel will watch our videos for clubs in the areas they will be traveling to which makes our tours an ideal form of promotions.

If you would like us to feature your club on our featured Club Tour videos, please fill out the contact form below and provide as much detailed information about your club,

Once we receive your information, we will research your club and contact you with all the details on how to feature your club in one of our upcoming videos.