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Join websites like Kasidie.com, SDC.com and SwingLifestyle.com to start meeting Couples, Single Ladies and Single men today for sexual fun

Start meeting couples and singles today!

Are you looking to do something while Social Distancing?  Check out these great sites where you can meet other Couples, Single Females and Single Men!  Try all three for FREE and create a quality profile, upload photos and start making connections for after the pandemic!
Just click on each image to get bonus free time that can only be applied through our link!

Note: the below list is our recommendations of the websites we are active on and can be found under the profile TomandBunny on each site.  We invite you to check out ALL three websites with no obligation and no credit card needed and these are all legitimate websites and not bait and switch like many out there.    We have currently been active members and meet people equally among all the sites depending on the areas we will be visiting in our travels.

One site may be your site of choice due to the amount of population of profiles on a given website as each website holds a a dominance in specific regions.  The sites are not listed in any specific order except that they offer additional FREE time before you must become a paid member to continue, however we have found many will continue with the site they feel the most comfortable with and the more details in your description, what you are looking for and good quality photos are essential for your best results in making connections with people.

Feel free to contact us on any or all the sites under our profile TomandBunny and we will be happy to look over your profile and offer our advice to creating the best profile for the most exposure and engagement with others.   We do not certify people we have not personally met, however some sites offer various ways to become certified. if we have met you , please let us know where we met you and if we do remember you we will be happy to provide a certification letting others know your profile is real.

We find communication with other like minded couples and singles gets us through this pandemic and wanted to suggest you try this while you are self distancing and who knows, you may make connections to meet up after this is all over!

Kasidie the sexually social community

Kasidie the sexually social community – We use Kasidie all the time and our profile is TomandBunny on this site, Kasidie is nationwide and offers the feel of social media like Facebook with communities, forums, Profiles, Wall post and much more to list here. Join today and you will be automatically added to our TomandBunny Community on this awesome site!  We have been members of Kasidie from January 2008

sdc.com 30 days free access 950x250

sdc.com 30 days free access with no Credit Card needed. SDC is one of the Largest Match Maker websites for Swingers in the world and has a reach in many countries around the globe. Be sure to join our community “TomandBunny” when creating your profile on this website. to obtain your FREE 30 day access you MUST click this image. without clicking this image, SDC only offers 7 day trials. We have been members of SDC since June 2009

SLS Swinglifestyle Free access No Credit Card Needed

SLS Swinglifestyle Free access No Credit Card Needed
We have been on SwingLifestyle for many years, it’s very easy to navigate, nationwide, basic no frills profiles that list everything on a single screen with photo galleries and the ability to see a profiles certifications. Join today with no Credit Card needed with limited full access, the site is cost effective to open the full features and worth every penny. We have been members of SwingLifestyle since June 2002.