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1 Year Anniversary with Toms Trips

Our one year Anniversary with Toms Trips
On November 5, 2018 we hit our one year mark with Toms Trips! It has been an amazing year with new challenges and best of all, new adventures. We are now situated in Alabama. I won’t say that we’re planting our roots as we are not sure where we will end up in the next 3 years. Moving to a small town in the South was quite a culture shock from Southern California. But, we have taken it all in stride and have embraced our small town life when we are not on the road.

Our first year was a learning experience for us. Tom and I both have backgrounds in customer service and customer care so that is a forte that we could bring to Toms Trips. But, unlike freedom Acres where everyone knew us and approached us, now we’re the new kids on the block and have to approach others. Sometimes, it can be a little intimidating; you just have to put yourself out there with a handshake and a smile. We both love getting to meet and socialize with everyone we meet from all walks of life. So, please if you see us in a club or event please come say hello.

Once again we will be traveling to Hedonism and Desire this year. We are looking to add other travel destinations outside of the US. Keep an eye on our schedule for upcoming trips we have planned.
We start traveling again this weekend. We will have 3 weekends in a row here in the South which we are really excited to attend. We will be spending New Years Eve at Players DFW and then head down to the Austin area. This will be an incredible year for us and we are ready to hit the road again.