Drama within the Lifestyle

Bunny’s Rant

This is a sore subject. Most everyone will experience some sort of drama in their lifetime. Why bring it into your swinging lifestyle?

As former club managers we had to deal with all types of people and issues. Sometimes it is not an easy task. There is always going to be groups of people. This all started back in elementary school and proceeds into adult life. You have your cool kids, the jocks, the nerds, the bullies etc. We all know this and yet, we seem to bring it into our adult life.  And yes, it carries into the Swing Clubs, Meet and Greets, Vacations, Websites and it seems like the worst of it is on Social Media.  Try not to stick with just one group of people. Venture out of your comfort zone and go meet all the people you can no matter who they are. You never know, you could always end up really liking the band geek flute player.

We all have issues in our lives that we deal with on a daily basis and we want to go out on the weekends to have fun and escape the daily grind of our home and work life. Everyone likes to cut loose, dance, and have a great time. And a lot of us who are swingers like to meet and play with other like minded individuals. What everyone needs to remember is that we were all born the same way. No one is better than the other. It does not matter who you associate with, how much money you have or what body type you have. Were all in this for the same thing: To have fun and meet great people.

If you hear something from someone keep it to yourself, it may or may not be true. Wherever there is a gathering place with people there will always be rumors.  But, that is where the issue should stop.  Our advice is to go out, have fun, let all negativity roll off of you,  don’t take sides and meet at least 3 new couples a night.  This will make your lifestyle experience better for you and all you choose to meet.

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