Bi Sexual Couples – Males and Females in the Swinging Lifestyle

Today we discuss Bi Sexual Labels in the swinging lifestyle!
Do you feel that you need to classify your sexual preference to just everyone because you are in the swinging lifestyle?  We discuss our views on this in this podcast about Bi Sexual Couples, Males and Females.  Please comment below your views!

Leave a comment below and tell us your thought on this subject, have you ever been with someone who was fresh out of the shower or have you been with someone that had the smell of funk all in their crotch area?  we want to know!  Post below.

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5 thoughts on “Bi Sexual Couples – Males and Females in the Swinging Lifestyle

  1. Troy and Kat

    I dont feel there is a need too, but it does help find other like minded people. It’s hard to find other bisexual couples or bi males because of the stigma on bisexual males. Most profiles have the males posted as straight I completely get why… we used to get tons of invites when I identified as straight but as soon as word got out that I was bi the invites dropped. In the long run it was for the best because now we only surround ourselves with open minded non judgmental people but it does hurt to not be accepted because of who we choose to play with behind close doors. Our goal is to make being bisexual for women AND men a normal thing so people will start accepting it. We try to be as open with everyone around us to help show it’s ok be yourself and screw who’s has a problem with it because we are going to have fun regardless.

    1. Eloy and Dolores

      I totally agree about the stigma on bi males. We found it difficult to find a couple with bi male. My wife and I had no problem hooking up with a single bi male.

    2. KC and SC

      Reach out to us if you’re interested in a truly bi male and bi female couple. We would love to show you that it’s not awkward if everyone is discrete and open minded about liking bi mmff’s

  2. KC and TC

    My ex wife and we’re both bi sexual and enjoyed sharing and being shared by a bi male but she didn’t not like to see me do anything with a female that joined us but go down on her. I enjoyed and she seemed to get more turned by the fact I liked to watch a male that joined us screw her. She was the one that encouraged me to go from her pegging me to her watching a bi male screw me til she decided it was only fair to be able to let her watch me top a guy too. It seems like women are more into seeing their partner getting what they receive from either sex in a bi mmf than getting to give either sex that joins in what they receive from their male partner normally. We discussed before our first 3 some with a bi female that sex is not nothing but sex and we were in love is why our sex life was so good but it would only add to our exciting sex life to let others watch how we enjoyed sex with each other then we watched each other be shared by the same person we would be shared by.


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