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How do you deal with Rejection

Dear Tom and Bunny
We have been fans for a while and we watch all of your videos because not only do we find them informative but the way you both interact is entertaining and wanted to thank you for doing them. We have recently started going to clubs and we have not approached anyone because, honestly we are afraid of being rejected. We went back through your videos but we don’t recall anything be about how to handle rejection, but we do have a personal question for you both. Have you two personally been rejected? and if so, how did you handle it? Can you still be friends with someone who rejected you? T & P

Dear T&P,
Thank you for watching our videos, we enjoy doing them and we are glad you find our interaction entertaining. To answer your question, Yes we have been rejected many times, it’s just how the lifestyle is. Does it hurt our feelings? to be honest, yes it does, but we also know we are not going to be someone else cup of tea. There are so many variations when two couples meet up, so many that we say there is a 75% chance nothing will happen because it only takes one to say no. From our personal experience and we will assume many are like us, not all but many. We obviously look for a physical attraction with potential playmates and if we don’t have a physical attraction we will see if a mental attraction develops because honestly, more times than not for us, people we have played with from a physical attraction wasn’t as good as playing with someone who we have developed a mental attraction with. if we have either of those two and we feel the other couple is feeling something like we are, we might step up and ask if they are interested in taking things further and we know that’s a bold step because we are opening a door to rejection and we all know that never feels good. If we are rejected, we won’t lie, we go into a fetus position and cry it out for a while, maybe even kick and screen and whine wondering what was wrong with us! OK, we lied, we don’t do any of that, but we do understand that if you don’t ask you won’t know and if you wait for the other couple to ask, they may never ask themselves and at least we know where we stand. Can we be friends with people who have rejected us? Absolutely we can, this lifestyle is a small community and we are here to meet people, chances are high that because one couple rejected you or should we say not interested in playing with you, doesn’t mean they can’t be friends with you and even better, know someone you may be more compatible with that you yourself find just as attractive either or both physically or mentally. There is currently a lot of topics we are seeing about rejection and how people handle it, everyone handles it differently however those who can take those rejections and grow from them will have a lot more fun in the swinging lifestyle.

Tom and Bunny