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Vanilla Hunters tried to play with our Son and his Girlfriend

Vanilla Hunting:

Lets start off with the fact that we do not condone Vanilla Hunting. For those of you who do not know what that is. It is a Lifestyle couple who will go to regular bars and pick up non lifestyle couples. Typically doing so by buying their drinks, getting them drunk and then making their move.

When this is done to a non lifestyle couple, it is an unfair advantage that the swinger couple has. The vanilla couple has not had the opportunity to talk about a non monogamous relationship and  discuss what  could or could not happen. Thus, damaging a relationship sometimes to the point of the couple breaking up. We have seen and heard about relationships not lasting after these encounters and we have also seen some couples decide that is what they would like to pursue and will contact a club or party or join a lifestyle matchmaking website to see if is truly for them.

Now, this actually happened to our Son and Girlfriend this weekend. we will refer to them as Steven and Joann , so they can remain anonymous. They are young and their relationship is just hitting the one year mark. Steven works away during the week and they only see each other on the weekends. We do know that they are not in a non monogamous relationship and at this point they should not be. They are still working on their communication skills and jealousy issues. If this couple had succeeded this weekend, It would have destroyed them.

The crazy part is that we were all staying at the same Hotel for a reunion. Steven and Joann  went to a show and sat next to an older couple who were “extremely“ nice to them. This couple befriended them, asked them all kinds of personal questions and in return told them things to make them feel comfortable. They had told them that they were in a long distance relationship and that he lived in Oklahoma and she was a over the road Truck driver.  The man also told Joann that he likes to wear Kilts but is afraid to tell his girlfriend which sounded strange. They paid the bar for our son and his girlfriend tab at the end of the show and invited them to go to Catalina with them the next day. All expenses paid.

After the show and drinks, they invited them back to their room to get another drink. Now, we lifestyle people know what comes next! But, it backfired on them. No sooner did they get to this couples room did we call wondering where they were at so we could get a drink and visit with our Son. When Steven and Joann came to our room and told us what happened and that they met this really nice couple, we explained to them what had just happened and what they were leading up to and they had no clue.

We had a few drinks and talked for a few minutes in our room with Steven and Joann and then went to bed. About an hour later Joann called me in a panic to let us know that she was having trouble with Steven. When we got to the room Steven was clearly incoherent. He kept passing out to the point where he did not look like he was breathing.  We made him vomit and kept force feeding him water. None of us have ever seen him like this and we are inclined to believe that he was slipped a ruphie. But with no proof we could not be sure but all we could think about was “what would have happened had we not called”.

The next day, this couple kept calling and texting Joann. We told them to ignore it and they would give up. Well, what happens next, they show up at our Sons hotel room. Apparently In a drunken state, they had shared their room number and phone number with this couple. When this woman knocked on the door saying it was housekeeping, Ms. Mama bear Bunny answered! You should have seen the shocked look on their faces! This couple was much older than we are! She said that she was friends with Steven and Joann  and that they had plans to go to Catalina. Bunny proceeded to tell her that they were staying in and that Steven was very ill from the night before. Oh, and of course it was family day. The couple put their tails between their legs and walked off. If Bunny had claws they would have been out at that time.

We have been in the swinging lifestyle for 22 years. We were able to pick up on the clues immediately.  So if you decide you want to go vanilla hunting, think about what consequences lay ahead for the couple and have respect for them. Please don’t hurt another couples relationship for yourself satisfaction.  And that way you will not have to meet a Mama Bear protecting her cubs.

That sums up our Saturday night. How was yours?