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We travel all over the United States, Mexico and Jamaica and when we talk to people we are constantly hearing how they have had things missing from their hotel rooms including from inside their hotel safes.   Typically the thieves will remove what is quick to grab such as phones, tablets, jewelry and money.  Many have said that they have been missing money from their wallets from inside their hotel room safe!

What the thief will do is open your safe with the universal code and when they go into your wallet they will grab some cash from the middle as most people will put money in specific orders from high to low so by taking money from the middle you are less likely to notice right away, you may feel something is wrong but unless you know exactly how much money you had in your wallet you may feel you either bought something or over paid somewhere and go on with your day.

Credit card theft is also huge.  What the thief will do in this case regardless if they go into your safe or you leave your wallet in a drawer, they will actually take your credit cards and take photos of the front and the back of each card as well as your identification as mostly they only need the zip code of the billing address of the credit card and that is most likely going to be the same zip code listed on your ID.   They will wait a few days to a few weeks to let you get home and then start purchasing items using your credit cards.  Keep a look on your bank accounts, as they will typically make very tiny purchases that would normally not be noticed by you or raise concern, once they have established they have all the info needed and the small purchases have gone through they will make much larger purchases until the card is declined or the limits have been reached.

We have come up with some suggestions below to help combat theft during your vacation and we hope that you don’t experience anything like this.

  • Milockie Safe Lock -The Milockie Hotel Safe Lock ensures only you can open your room safe. EVEN THOSE WITH A PASSCODE or PASS KEY CAN NOT OPEN IT.The Milockie Hotel Safe Lock provides additional security to your hotel room safe or resort locker. Not only is it a visual deterrent (much like a security yard sign is for your home) but it also prevents the safe door from being opened by someone else using a master key or electronic combination to open the safe. With a Milockie in place, only you can open the safe.Thefts from hotel room safes and resorts is an under-reported problem. Don’t be a victim of money or other valuable possessions “mysteriously” disappearing from your hotel room safe, cruise line room safe, or guest locker. Unfortunately, when these thefts occur, rarely is there evidence that a theft actually happened because the safe is never damaged, leaving travelers to make a claim that has little support other than the traveler’s word.

    That’s because thefts using a master key or master code to open the safe leave no evidence.

    Use Your Own Lock

    One of the features of the Milockie Hotel Safe Lock is that you use your own padlock. While the Milockie Safe Lock comes with a three-dial combination lock, it is strongly recommended that you replace the lock with a stronger combination lock that would better resist an attack. The Milockie Lock will accept a padlock with a hasp up to 1/2 inch in diameter. Note the strap will show wear with use but remains effective just slide it a bit if you feel it necessary. Housing is a sturdy plastic (metal is too heavy) and easy to pack and travel with.

  • Hair Brush Safe – The Stash-it Hair Brush Diversion Safe is a great way to hide your valuables!  There is enough room to safely fit 30 rolled bills.  This is a great way to hide your money as you are traveling, headed to the beach, or anywhere you find yourself carrying valuables.  Most people don’t want to handle others hairbrushes so it serves as an excellent diversion from would be thieves or nosy friends and family.Some examples of items to Stash
      • Money!
      • Jewelry (use the stash-it bag included so the jewelry doesn’t rattle in the brush
      • USB jump drives with personal information
      • Other items that you would rather be out of plain sight!


  • Luggage Combo Locks – Protect your luggage with top quality 4-digit combination TSA-approved padlocks. 4-digit locks offer 10,000 combinations and take 10 times longer to crack than 3-digit locks. TSA Approved Locks allows TSA screeners to inspect your luggage without damaging the locks. Numbers are easy to maneuver, reset and set to your own preferred passcode.
  • Hidden Spy CameraThe hard reality is that you can’t always trust the people in your life, which means you need to keep a watchful eye on your home, your family, and the people that are constantly moving in and out of your world.That’s why we created this Spy Camera and USB Charger, a smart 2-in-1 device that works like a standard USB charger for mobile devices but also record video in crystal-clear 1080P high definition!

    Personal and Professional Versatility This multipurpose portable mini spy camera with 1080P HD clarity can be used to safeguard your home or office even when you’re not around.

    Offering easy plug-and-play use with any electrical outlet, the slim, compact, and discrete design helps hide the memory card slot, doesn’t record sound, and has no visual indicators for complete stealth mode

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