Get Naked with Tom and Bunny

Get Naked with us Tom and Bunny talk about clothing optional resorts

We discuss Hedonism II aka Hedo II resort in Jamaica, Desire, Temptation and Desire pearl in Cancun as well as other clothing optional and nude resorts.

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4 thoughts on “Get Naked with Tom and Bunny

  1. Tracy

    Hello Tom and Bunny, my husband ( Rick) and I love watching your utube channel. With your info on swingers lifestyle and sexual disfuntions, we thought one or both of you would have some ideas on how we can get into the swingers lifestyle. Not sure how much info is too much so sorry if I go there ?. We r in our 50,s and been married for 36 yrs we have always fantasized about swinging but we never had an opportunity open up and I didn’t have the body confidence to make it happen till my late 40,s. Rick and I joined a nude resort but it wasn’t a swingers one but before we could find our way into the swingers world I ended up with anal cancer. I won my battle but have been left with a lot of issues that involve the play pen ( genitalia) it has been six years now I still have some troubles but stress and fear brings them on. Rick and I had a very healthy sex life before cancer. With sex daily now it’s once a week do to my issues. As a couple that has sex daily ( the people I know thought we were crazy) you would understand our body needs. I love touch, and stimulations. Iam bi curious and would like lite kink ( no pain) but intercoure with someone not knowing my body scares me only because of my body’s issues sence cancer. Rick is everything sex. So the struggle comes from my side of things. So with all that said how would we introduce us in the swingers lifestyle?? Rick’s birthday is the 26th we r planning a trip to Portland to the club u talked about on your utube. He has always wanted a threesome I would like to make that happen for us. We are sad we missed you when you where in Portland maybe we can meet when u come back to Oregon. Sorry for the lengthy message with your videos on sex problems you may understand what we are facing and how to get involved in a lifestyle of fun, freedom and friends. Thanks for the videos you put out and thanks for any help or ideas. T ( don’t know how to add a photo sorry.

  2. Frank n Krystal

    Hello. This is probably not the right place to ask this but, me and my wife have been married for almost 5 years. We’ve talked about playing in the lifestyle but we always tend to flake when it comes down to visiting. We hear friends that tell us it will ruin a marriage but we hear others that say it brings the couple closer and the marriage stronger. We have been to famliy nudist resorts where we were approached by a couple that was in the lifestyle so it kind of made us think and wanna give it a try. Any advice?

  3. Jeff and Julie

    Hello to all of our lifestyle friends. A little about us. We have been happily married for 28 years and we love each other dearly. That being said we think it is only natural that we have come to take our attraction and desire for each other for granted from time to time over the years and feeling it from others is very refreshing and rejuvenating for us. In addition, being available for others gives us a renewing sense of appreciation for each other. Although many would not understand, the arrangement has proven to be very therapeutic for our relationship, our marriage, and our sex life.


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