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Eden Clubs is Bi Couple friendly

We talk to the owners of Club Eden about being LGBT and Bi Couple Friendly!
We recently did a podcast about Bi Sexual Couples and Singles in the swinging lifestyle and we were quickly asked if we could verify that the promotions made by Club Eden as being LGBT Friendly and the truth about how supporting they are to the Bi Sexual Community as most clubs still have not accepted Bi men or Bi Couples into their establishments openly and we got to sit down with Chris and Crissy, the owners and talk openly and candid and we asked the questions everyone wanted to know.  Listen to this podcast to one of the greatest and most friendly clubs that not only support the swingers lifestyle community but also the Bi sexual lifestyle and LGBT communities.

Listen to the podcast to see what the story is with the Spunk Lube and Banana!

Leave a comment below and tell us your thought on this subject, have you ever been with someone who was fresh out of the shower or have you been with someone that had the smell of funk all in their crotch area?  we want to know!  Post below.

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Club Eden PlayersDFW – Dallas TX

PlayersDFW is now known as Club Eden in Dallas Fort Worth Texas and host to Couples and Singles in the swinging lifestyle.  Full service BYOB Bar, live DJ, Dance floor and play areas.  This club is one of our favorite clubs to attend when we are in the Dallas area with friendly people and a party that doesn’t stop!

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