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Open Communications in the Swinging Lifestyle

Open Communication in the Swinging Lifestyle

Tom and Bunny discuss communication

Having open communications with couples and singles is important!
Meeting up with couples and singles in the sex positive non monogamy swingers lifestyle is already stressful and in this podcast we discuss being up front with your potential play partners your limits that you do not want to engage in as well as what you would like to experience. We also discuss being aggressive or pushy which some view when others convey their interest in them.

Leave a comment below and tell us your thought on this subject, have you ever been with someone who was fresh out of the shower or have you been with someone that had the smell of funk all in their crotch area?  we want to know!  Post below.

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We discuss Communication and the Swinging Lifestyle


Many couples think the swinging lifestyle or having sex with strangers will make their relationship stronger and many people and groups think this too. we are here to tell you that Communication is the best thing for your marriage and swinging should be an additional activity to your already strong relationship.  .  Please comment below your thoughts!

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