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Spunk Lube

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We were recently introduced to Spunk Lube by our friends at ASN Lifestyle Magazine and we have to admit, we were a little reluctant to try this lube in the beginning.

Back story:

So Bunny has always been super sensitive to different Condoms and Lube and after having a Hysterectomy she has come to rely on lube during sexual intercourse as she no longer gets as wet as she used to before the surgery.   We tried many different brands of lube and after many urinary tract infections and bacterial infections we found a lube that she could use called PINK  WATER.  however constantly have to reapply the lube every 10 minutes or so and we all know the more you reapply the thicker and gooier it gets and is less lube and irritating, so we would have to stop what we were doing and wash all the old lube off and start over which is annoying in it’s self

Back to the story!

So we got this Spunk Lube and we decided to try it, worst case we figured was a week out of service dealing with any urinary tract or bacterial infections and we could always go back to what we have been using.

So one night we decide to try it and we didn’t really think it through all the way, we have the pump bottle so we did 2 or 3 pumps which didn’t look like a whole lot, we apply to both of us and yeah, we had lube all over our hands and private parts everywhere! We go at it for about an hour of intercourse and we thought for sure we were going to have to reapply several times but we did not have to apply anymore than we already had and lasted longer than we could.

One thing we noticed with the pink lube is you can smell the lube as a lube if you know what we mean, it’s hard to explain, but with the SPUNK LUBE we didn’t have that weird odor we were expecting.  The SPUNK LUBE was very slippery and made for great intercourse.

We have only tried to date their Hybrid version of SPUNK LUBE and we were also given Glow in the Dark lube which we will wait to use at a club or house party for some added fun!

We did not do any oral with the SPUNK LUBE so we can not comment on that at this time but we will do a follow up to this story at a later date when that happens, this lube is pretty thick and doesn’t come off very easy so we were a little nervous about getting it in our mouths…

We invite you to comment below with questions or your opinions on this product.

SPUNK LUBE has several different products including:

  • SPUNK Lube Hybrid is water based, sex toy safe silicone that resembles SPUNK.
  • SPUNK Lube Pure Silicone is non drying, waterproof clear lube that’s free from all ingredients except for silicone.
  • SPUNK Lube Natural is organic sex oil made with organic avocado oil and organic virgin coconut oil.

People always ask our opinions on different products and unless we personally have tried a product we don’t offer our recommendations, We Recommend SPUNK LUBE!!!

Spunk Lube reached out and we received several shipments to give out at events as well as let people test with with our MotorBunny and HI Massager, come out and try this amazing lube and see for yourself that this is the best lube on the market!

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Order your SPUNK LUBE today

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