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Naughty in Nawlins Swingers Convention on a Budget


Have you thought about going to Naughty in Nawlins, the swingers lifestyle convention in New Orleans Louisiana every july but are limited on funds?  Then this video is for you.  Please comment below your thoughts!

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CouplesXcape 1st annual Tutu run

December 2, 2018

Talk about an epic weekend! Tom and I had such an amazingly fun time this past weekend. We have hit the road again promoting Toms Trips adult travel. We were invited to attend the CouplesXcape 1st annual Tutu run in no other than the funnest place in the South, Bourbon Street in New Orleans Louisiana.

Friday night was the first party of the weekend and we all went to Colette Club.  Colette is an on premise Swing Club located in Downtown New Orleans just a few blocks from Bourbon Street. It is a great club that offers so much for Swingers of all levels. We did a video tour of the great club last year and you can see that video right here, on our website.  The evening was full of fun and laughter and we met so many new people as well as got to know some of our other friends much better.

Saturday, Oh Boy, Saturday! Well, this day started off early as we all met at 10:30am for Mimosa’s and pictures. This was the 1st annual TuTu run for CouplesXcape and did we ever leave our mark on the town. I came dressed in a Superman dress with pink and black tutu along with my bunny ears and I was “Super Bunny”. Tom had on his riddler shirt which said “What is white on top and black down below?” a green riddler cape and of course a green tutu. The costumes and tutus that people put together were so much fun and some were very, very sexy! You swingers sure know how to dress for a party.

I think the highlight of the day was when I was convinced to ride the bull at Bourbon Cowboy. I have been there so many times and have never even thought about it. Well, after a little (lot) of alcohol, I did it! Wow… do you know how hard that bull is to get on? That was the hardest part, but I mounted that bull like I mount Tom every night. Luckily I am a female so they take it easier on the women that they do the men. I did realize that I am a little older and more out of shape than I allow myself to believe. Geez, did my arm hurt the next day!

After the day of debauchery and getting dinner and a nap it was time to start all over again. It was a dress sexy night and there were so many sexy women and hot men. Tom and I worked the evening at the Toms Trips table where we met even more couples and we gave out a voucher for 2 free nights to Hedonism Resort in Jamaica as well as Kasidie memberships and other prizes. A little later in the evening Bob and Tess from Naughty in Nawlins came in to party with all of us. They are such a fun couple and they party on the best Convention! You all definitely need to check out the Naughty in Nawlins Convention this summer. We finally ended our weekend at 3:30am after many, many shots of Fireball.

We would like to thank Richard, Danielle, Bobby and Jamie who run CouplesXcape for putting on such a fun event. We will be back next year for this incredible event.

CouplesXcape 1st annual Tutu run CouplesXcape 1st annual Tutu run CouplesXcape 1st annual Tutu run CouplesXcape 1st annual Tutu run