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Virtual Swing Party with Swinging Lifestyle and Tom and Bunny

Virtual Swing Party with Tom and Bunny

Virtual Swing Party with Swinging Lifestyle and Tom and Bunny

We are excited to be part of the launch of the Virtual Swing Party Saturday April 25th 2020 and we will be hosting our very own room during this event. See you all April 25th VIRTUALLY LIVE! – Tom and Bunny – Please click this link below to learn all the details we will be producing and more about this event! https://bit.ly/2K8r6Ti

We are excited to be hosting our very own room on the brand new Ethical Consensual Non-Monogamy Swingers Lifestyle platform “Virtual Swing Party” on April 25th 2020

With the trends of the Corona Virus aka COVID19 and the social distancing that is taking place, all the Swingers Lifestyle clubs, House Parties and Hotel take-over events have been shut down in order to let this pandemic pass us by and to get the world back to a normal state.

Virtual Swing party has brought to us the concept of a large scale convention type feel in a virtual setting known as Virtual Swinging throughout the lifestyle community and we were invited to host one of the many rooms they will have open and available to guest through out the event.  Our room will be called “Swinging Lifestyle” and will consist of our personal opinions on what works for us in the swinging lifestyle as well as opinions on what works for others in their quest as they navigate their swinging lifestyles.   This room will be a great room for Couple’s, Single Ladies and Single men who are New to the lifestyle and those experienced who can offer ideas and opinions so people can learn from our past mistakes or look into possibilities that they never thought of before!

The exact time of our room start to end will be posted soon, so we invite you to come and join us as well as navigate everything this event has to offer you.

Some of the rooms you will encounter during this event will include:
  • “The DJ Den” with multiple rooms of interest in music genres, and would be a great place to mix and mingle with others
  • “Virtual Play Rooms” This is your naughty rooms to show and participate with your sexual vibes with others watching and you watching others.
  • “Lights, Costumes and Action” for the guest who would like to dress in their favorite themes
  • “Swinging Lifestyle” Hosted by TomandBunny.com – Opinions from the host and others.
  • “How to make Good Pussy Better with Taylor Sparks”
  • “Lets Get Intimate” a demonstration of the Hi Massager with Dr’s Steve and Wendy
Please feel free to click any of the images to go directly to Virtual Swing Party’s website for all the information and how to book the event for April 25th, 2020
See you there!
Tom and Bunny
Keeping The Lifestyle Together 
When Life Keeps Us Apart
Virtual Swing Party with Swinging Lifestyle and Tom and Bunny
Staying Connected Through Covid-19 And Beyond…..
For those in the lifestyle, the act of social distancing is especially hard. We are part of a community where so many relationships extend beyond those with whom we live. We look forward to the day when we all celebrate being “social” again together with our closest and dearest friends!
So, we are excited to announce that a group of the country’s top lifestyle promoters have teamed up to bring you Virtual Swing Parties that mirror the experience of being at an actual live event!!!
With everyone safely at home helping to defeat the virus, so many of our colleagues have been searching for a way to get back into the “swing” of things from the comfort of home. So, we have assembled a group of the lifestyle’s best Party Hosts, DJ’s, Educators, that are glad to help make this the biggest and sexiest online party ever!??
You can expect an online experience like no other with

Virtual Swing Party with Swinging Lifestyle and Tom and BunnyVirtual Swing Party with Swinging Lifestyle and Tom and BunnyTICKETS AND FIRST ROUND OF ROOMS RELEASED