Memorable Moments in the Lifestyle Part 2

In this series of Podcast we talk about moments in our swinging lifestyle that are etched into our memories!  These moments can include great times as well as not so great time, however we never look at an experience as a bad experience, just an experience.

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Memorable Moments in the Lifestyle Part 1 hosted by TomandBunny

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I swear to God tomorrow. We’re going to redo that. Okay. I mean, I kid that is our priority tomorrow is to get rid of that. No, Nope, Nope. Primary flagging priorities. Tomorrow is burning more leaves, more leaves. If you follow us on Instagram or Twitter, we just posted pictures. We literally left our house for three months.

And we, our neighbor loaned us a grass sweeper that I pulled behind the lawnmower. And we had to go over the lawn about five or six times because the leaves were really deep. So it only sweep up so much. And then we’d have to go. Uh, keep sweeping and sweeping. What are you doing? No, my shirt was looking funky.

Oh, it was covering, covering too much covering too much, but we have 14, 14 Oak trees in our yard and I think that’s a little bit much that’s too much, but nothing we can do about it. A couple of old people like us to keep up with, so we put out. And I got to find the comment, but somebody requested that we do memorable moments and talk about things that’s happened to us while we are in the lifestyle and playing are observing are just kind of caught our attention.

Right. And where’s this going to go with a few of them tonight? And of course, everything is fun. Part one. Are one of many 24 years worth many, many. Alright, so what’s going to be our first one. Well, let’s start with what happens when you drink a little too much. Okay. All right. So when you drank a little too much, and I’m sure, um, this, and even if you don’t drink a lot and I’m sure this has happened to a lot of people out there, you forget people’s names.

Yes. I was going to say that intro is on enough. We’ve got to get to the point a little bit faster. Don’t ask how many times I it’s horrible to even say that it’s been more than once, but several times that I’m even midway through and. I don’t know what their names were. I forgot what they were. I remember once time, we, we had a basement room in our club that was our room and we took a couple down there and we played, we had a great time.

I remember, I remember the couple, I remember the experience. I remember the play. I remember everything, but their names and what a couple of weeks later it goes by and all of a sudden. This couple goes by and says, we had a great time playing with you. And I was like, who, what, when I had no clue what they were talking about and it wasn’t till months later that it clicked on me.

That was the couple and I never, I still never got their names. No. But you know what? Because of, we didn’t get their names. I think that’s what made it memorable and more fun. It made it very memorable, so memorable that we still don’t know what their names were. So if we played with you guys, let us just email us and say, Hey, we play with you.

And maybe then maybe the names will click, right? I should do a Twitter post or an Instagram, or even a swing with Tom and bunny. Facebook posts says if you’ve ever played with us, make a comment and tell us. Approximately when, and if you had a great time, if you didn’t have a great time, we don’t want to know about it.

Okay. And explain where we were at. So it might trigger something. Right. We wrote a bunch of these down earlier, so we’re only going to do a few and then we’ll do memorable Mona moments part two, three, four. Well, I’m gonna throw, I’m gonna throw two of ’em at ya. One. We were just. Both of them. We were discussing the other night, um, with good friends of ours that we just recently seen again, uh, the playroom with the, with lube.

Oh, so, okay. So this is my story. So w w we were playing with the couple they’re good friends of ours, theirs. I mean, this is 20 years ago and we’re still good friends today. And if they’re watching it they’ll know exactly who we’re talking about, but so the first time we played with them, I just. Almost empty the bottle of lube on myself, just because I didn’t know how much to use this was, this was a long time ago when we didn’t even really require lube.

Right. But we wanted to use a loop. So I put on it, I put on a bunch of lube and she says at the end, she says, I had a great time, but next time don’t use so much. Well, I actually remember her saying not so much.

Tom couldn’t even grip a slip and slide anything. It was everywhere. So funny that people around us stopped doing what they were doing just to watch us. And they were laughing because we couldn’t even stay on top of each other. You know, everybody talks about taking a bunch of lube and putting it on a water bed and slipping around.

We didn’t even need the water. I put it all over me, her, and it was, it was a lot of fun. So, uh, another time we go to hook up with them again, and it was kind of interesting cause we were drunk and everything and we go up there and they were playing with another couple and we just kind of barged and she’s like, Oh look, there’s so-and-so there.

They’re our friends. They won’t, they won’t mind. So we go up there, we’re kind of nudge the other couple out of the way. And just then I go to get the loop. She says, Tom, remember not so much.

So, all right. So you asked for a memorable moment. So now going back to the same era, because this was way back in the day, we had so much fun. We used to go now, right now, the big, one of the big conventions is not new Orleans. Yes, we’re going to age ourselves and we’re going to go back to back in the day, we would go to the lifestyles convention in Las Vegas.

That was over 15 years ago. That was almost 18, 20 years ago, too many, too many stories to tell from, from back in the day, you can do a whole segment on just the lifestyles convention. You do a week long. Yes, but w um, we, we brought a stripper pole. We did. And we had in our room, it was made by pole dancer.

I’ll actually put a link on the screen right here. Okay. Right. Amazing company, amazing people. And they have really, really a good product. So we. We knew them back in the day when they were little. So they made us, they made us two poles, two, two, they made us one for outside, which was like 10 foot tall. And we made a four foot by four foot by two foot high base.

And, um, they made us one that would fit in an eight foot ceiling room. So normally all your houses are eight foot. I mean, given don’t have a little bit to spare on everything. And w w that’s eight foot from the floor to the ceiling. That’s what the base in every right now this one happened to be, this one was at the test skinny.

Yes. This was like the last of the last lifestyle lifestyle convention. So it was at the Tuscany and we had the party room. Well, I’m going to start actually the first night we got there, we go to put up this pole, Tom assembles it. We lean it up and it’s just into the ceiling. I mean, literally. Yeah, it was, it was there, it literally wedges into the ceiling.

I mean, it’s a good half inch into the dry wall, the ceiling, or trying to pull it down, I’m breaking the ceiling and I’m like, Oh dear God, what do we do? We’re not going to get this out. So I call Robert over at pole dancer and. I’m like, dude, it don’t fit. When we came early and we’re going to be the party room.

We got hundreds of people going to come to our room where literally the door went right out to the pool. So we are going to just open it up to everybody. I got a great picture of a couple. Oh, that’s another one. Okay. So now that that’s the end of the story. Okay. Okay. Well we’ll, we’ll tell that story another time.

So anyway, Robert he’s down in San Diego and he says, Tom call a maintenance guy, wedged the pole out and measure the floor to the ceiling. And I measure it all up. I kid you not three and a half hours later. He was at our door with the adapter to fit the. Not quite eight foot ceiling. When maintenance came out, maintenance looked and he goes, ah, we have heaven.

I said, we won’t. So anyway, um, people are asking for memorable moments and I mean, there is no bad moment in the lifestyle. Well, you know what, that, that poll I, one of the stories that I was going to tell too, I, I. Once we mentioned the poll. I was going to mention the other story with the picture on that one.

But, um, that night, that weekend was just so, so much fun. But at one point we had so many people in there and that pole was just going crazy. We had this one girl on there and she was dancing around the pool and somebody pulls out a flogger. And I think, I know start pulling out of floggers starts flogging this girl as she’s spinning now, literally she has her legs wide open and is spinning around the pole.

And as he’s flogging her, she starts squirting. She’s squirting like a fricking sprinkler and it’s all over the floor. It’s hitting people. It’s all over the state. Yes. I remember that. Oh, my God. You got to say some of this for parts three through 24. So anyway, we’re going to keep our segments about 10 minutes and we’re already over 10 minutes cause we don’t want to bore you.

But anyway, we’re going to do a bunch of these segments. Bunny is going to be writing down different things that we’re going to talk about. So. Definitely come back for part two and we will tell you more of that story. Yeah. We’ll continue with that one. Cause that was just the beginning of the night.

That’s who we’re going to start with. Is that, that predicament. All right. All right. So until next time, memorable moments, part one, look for part two and the near future, have a good night.

Everyone thank you for listening to our podcast and be sure to check out our videos and other podcasts on our website, Tom and Also start meeting couples and singles. Today. We have several affiliate links to popular matchmaking websites on our website and you get free time. So definitely check out our website and click those links and join those websites today.

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