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Heidi ho neighbors. I knew you’re going to do that. That’s why I sat back. I didn’t say a word. Hey everyone, you’re listening to Tom bunny here. This is take number two because she cut me off last time and I wasn’t prepared. I’m the one that does the introduction. All right. So bunny wants to do the introduction this time.

So we recently put out. I request that we’re looking for content and we’re getting a lot of responses and we just did one. And now this one is we were going a couple two into this one. So a lot of people are saying that when they see advertisements, they are concerned that they’re going to be too old.

Are they’re not going to measure up to the people in the advertisements. And a lot of people think that the picture on the advertisement, it’s an actual member of the club. Maybe, maybe not. Okay. So give you an example. When we were at a club in California, we first started using all the stock photo sites.

And of course, we’re going to download the, the model type pictures because I to that’s what you want. You want your website to look its absolute best. Right? So they grabbed, um, these nice. Model photography photos that they can use. I, because I’m trying to, I don’t want to offend anyone. I just. Right. So if I sound politically incorrect, I do apologize.

However, yes. When you look at a restaurant menu and you see this gorgeous food, and then when you order it and you come and you open the box, it looks similar, but nothing like. The picture. Okay. So that’s the same way his clubs do it. Hotels do it by making these rooms, they take a picture when the room is brand spanking new, well, 10 years down the road, they’re still using that same room, but now it looks 10 years down the road.

When you walk into it, same with people. So with that said, yes, a lot of clubs are going to use. What they want to project as what they would like as their member base, because let’s be honest, me and bunny aren’t in that younger group no more. So therefore, if we’re looking at pictures, are we going to go to a club with pictures of people our age?

Are we going to go to a club where we see a acute younger couple. Well, we’re going to go to the club that has the cute younger couple, because they’re going to attract a wide array of members where if we go to the club, that projects our specific age, we’re only going to meet people in our specific age group.

And we’re not just looking for our age group. We, we do want people in our age group, but we don’t want to close our minds to younger. No, absolutely, absolutely not. And. I forgot where I was going with this. Okay. So I’ll keep going. So what I used to do was use the model picture, and again, these are unscripted, so forgive us and we get a subject and we just start talking and then we do lose a train of thought.

So I started using our actual members. I would give them a comp pass to come out on a Saturday just to show up. I mean, that’s an $80 come. I tell them, bring all their outfits. And then we take pictures all day long. I had two photographers, two backdrops, and it was literally people that came to our club.

And then at the end of the day, they got a copy of all the pictures and their cute outfits from professional photographers. But. They only had white backgrounds. Cause that’s what I wanted. Unfortunately, they didn’t have all the backdrops and everything, but if I used a pitcher, I would give them a, yet another $80 VIP pass and I would never use the same picture twice.

So I had a constant. Collage of pictures to go through. So these people were earning passes residually for coming to one model shoot. They might earn five, 10 passes over a year or two years time. And, but I did the model shoots every month and we would literally get calls all the time going are those actual club members?

And we’d say, yes, those are actual club members. Are they going to be there that night? Now? We wouldn’t say yes or no. They were going to be there. A lot of them were there, obviously because they’re getting free passes and they were. Patronizing our club all the time. But the fact is our numbers grew exponentially because we did truth in advertising.

We certainly did these girls, they would, and they loved to be on a, on a cover poster or on the website to them. It was like a little slice of, um, Being famous or being a top model for them, we’d give them a, we would print 18 by 24 posters, uh, big posters and put them all throughout the club to show what was coming up.

Well, when their theme would come, we would have 10 of those posters of that same picture. And we would do it every week with switch them out. They would take them all home and they would give them out. They would put them in their garage is almost like a. Like the tool company model pitcher on the clock or something.

We actually had a member who would ask the girls if they could have their pictures and they would sign them for him. And he had them hung up in their garage so much fun. Now I do know that Eden club there, they do model shoots. Matter of fact, they just posted like 90 pictures on their Facebook of their actual photo shoot.

Now. The girls that we took pictures of were an exact resemblance of what you could expect to see in our club. We had exotic dancers. I mean, very beautiful women. We had younger girls too. Older girls. We had all shapes all sizes and I’ll tell you why it was a very successful promotion that I did. Oh, absolutely.

It worked out very, very well. The customers, as well as the, um, the girls doing the show right now, some clubs only want a specific age group, 35 and under, well, obviously they’re only going to take pictures of the specific age group that they want. Some clubs want. 55 and older that you’re living silver clubs and they’re going to take pictures of older couples.

So, but, but Jordy, the clubs haven’t quite caught onto that. So they just go on the stock photo sites and download cutesy pictures and stuff like that. It’s not anything wrong with that. Yeah. They’re just showing you the theme are an example of the attire they want for the night. Correct. So don’t read into it.

If you’re going to a website and you’re looking in, you’re seeing exotic beauties, don’t read into it. You definitely want to go to that club and see what the patronage is. Our column, call the clubs specifically and say, Hey, we’re 45. Are we going to fit in your club? I always say, I really hate saying this, but some clubs specifically want a specific demographic.

They want, uh, as, as they call it a quality, a quality control. So they require their members to email on a pitcher for approval. One club was so hardcore that a pitcher got you an invite to the door. And once you got to the door, they gave you a second look and that determined if you got through the door or they told you to move on.

And to me, I would never, ever, ever recommend anyone emailing any club, a picture of you, because that’s really not in our minds. The lifestyle, the lifestyle is a very accepting and very giving. And, but if you want very exclusive. Go ahead now let’s backtrack because there are some clubs out there that have programs and you have to submit a picture to go into the membership base.

That’s only. So when you show up your picture shows up, so the person checking you in has going to verify that you’re with that person, correct? They’re not using it as an example of who they’re going to allow in or deny if they use the pitcher to allow in or deny. That you have to determine on your own.

If you want to go that route, I would, it’s like signing up for a credit card. Do you want to get rejected? I mean, that’s got to feel like a blow to the stomach. Back in the day, there was a, there was parties that were doing it. And even some of the people that I thought were super, super hot got turned down.

I’m like, what? But their requirements were so stringent. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? So, um, now the age demographics that go to clubs, a lot of people that when they see these younger pictures, they think, Oh my God, these people are going to be 18 to 25. W we’re 45. I know we’re not 45. We’re just making up a number.

So we feel better, but they’re thinking they’re not going to fit in. Believe it or not at our club. Our club was 21 to 80. And I say that and people go 80. Yes, 80 years old. I think that there was a few times that we had older than that, older than that. And I’ll tell you what. Age is really just a number because when these 80 year old’s would come into the club, they were the life of the party because they had no shame in their game.

They came dressed in theme, they rocked it, they were on the dance floor and people gravitated them just because of their aura. I mean, they’re, they’re just love of the life. Exactly. Cause they’re just out to have a good time. Right. So age is just a number now, obviously when you’re playing. It’s not just a number.

You have to have an attraction. Well, most people, well, I would hope everybody, but that doesn’t mean, I mean, that everyone’s unattractive or everyone’s attractive. It’s really it all your tastes like me and bunny. We have our own taste and we’re attracted to, I don’t know, we call it just regular everyday.

Your neighbor next door. Nothing outlandish. No. Um, Well, they don’t have to drive Ferrari’s and they don’t have to trust them the latest fashion. We just, they just got to be able to communicate. I think number one is communication. So what that said, we did a recent poll. It’s a very scientific poll off of Twitter.

It’s completely scientific. We verified everybody that took the poll individually to verify with, well, no, we really didn’t. We didn’t care. We just throw up a poll and said, here’s the. Uh, the actual thing I wrote was help us out for a future YouTube video. What, what age group do you belong to? Really a simple.

Now Twitter only gives me four responses. The nice thing is it’s anonymous, so everyone can respond. I had to put something for the four responses. So I went 18 to 20. I did that because most clubs don’t allow people under 21 in, right. I just liked the fact that we actually have people that are following us that are between 18 and 21.1%.

So the poll is only 24 hours. I put it up late at night, so it really didn’t. And I put it up on a. Saturday. So most people have a life, so 87 people. So, but you know what, uh, usually when the poll starts going, it doesn’t really change dramatically. Once you get the first 10 responses, it literally grows about the same levels the whole time.

Yeah. What were you gonna say? I was going to say, plus, uh, typically the people that follow us are in the middle bracket. Well, I w R H demographic? Yeah. Okay. So, uh, 21 to 34, uh, 9.2% 35 to 55. And I know that’s 20 year gap, uh, 66.7%. And 56 and over is 23%. We’ve been running clubs for 20 years. We’ve been doing lifestyle travel for three years.

We absolutely knew without even doing the poll. The average age of the lifestyle is 35 to 55 with the meat and potatoes about 45 years old. Correct. And then running a club and running the club and the traveling, especially about the meat and potatoes about 45. Cause that’s about the age where people are starting to feel comfortable about leaving their children at home by themselves.

Right. So then they’re starting to venture out more on a weekend or, you know, a week. Yep. So. Again, the clubs that are showing and we’re getting, I mean, obviously this is off of our Twitter and therefore it’s going to be our followers. If we were like a young swinger group, the average age would probably be 21 to 35.

Correct. So, but I think. Uh, our Twitter kind of gravitates to everybody. So we’re not really down. We’re not locked into a certain age group except for shows. We are 35 and you know what? There, there are a lot of clubs out there now, too. And we’ve gone. We just went over this on another video. There are clubs that specialize too for the BBWs.

There are some that specialized for the ultra hot ones, right? And you know what? You, no matter where you’re going to go, you’re going to find what you’re looking for. But for the most part, any club that you go to or any house party that you go to, it’s going to be your average everyday person. Correct.

Now don’t take the numbers. For instance, we have been to many, many parties, many events where. Again, it’s not the age. It’s the attraction. We have far seen our share of 60 year old hooking up with mid late 20 year old’s. And the late, mid, late 20 year old’s love the six year old and they have their own reasons.

Right. But typically what we hear is they didn’t have to pussy foot around that they, the older couple were not as shy as the, their counterparts and the older women know what they like. Yeah, exactly. And that’s, a freak in the sheets. Yeah. So just you’re in the older group, don’t hesitate to go to a club and.

Not expect a younger, attractive couple are single to approach you. Right, right. But also if you’re a younger couple, don’t expect an older, creepy couple, like us not to come hit on you, the creepy people, whatever. I’m like, God, that’s horrible. It is horrible. But anyway, but at least you referred to us as older.

Exactly. I didn’t want to point fingers at anybody, you know, just kidding Lord have mercy. You’re out it tonight. I am. I am I having a good time? So I’m playing with my pump. Anyone know what this is? If you know what, this is, put a comment in the comments. Yeah, we are sober tonight. So it’s probably the problem that he has the problem.

So definitely yes, there is. There there’s different types of advertising. Not everyone needs to do truth in advertising. The more get, the more of the story is they’re just getting their point across, uh, if they want leopard print. Theme where they’re going to put a model with the leopard print and it just so happens.

They’re going to look for the most attractive model in leopard print to put on a poster or on an image to put on social media or on a website too. If you’re going to go to. To a re to a resort. Cause there’s a lot of resorts out there now, too. They’re going to have the absolute, best pictures that they can possibly get.

So you’re gonna, they’re going, I’ve seen a lot of them where they’ve got, um, you know, these hot, hot models laying around a nice pool. Exactly like that every day you go, right? We, I mean, we work for Tom’s trips and it’s an adult lifestyle travel and we go to resorts all over the nation and the world and those resorts always put up the smoking hot, hot models.

And our problem is, is our average age is 45. Average body size. Um, mommy bodies, dad, bod, stuff like that. Not typically your gym rats. And when I say gym rats, not a negative. I wish I could be a gym rat, but were lazy. So no excuse, no excuse, no. Excuse. We’re we’re lazy. But anyway. The hardest part of selling adult travel at a clothing optional, our nude resort is these people are looking at the resorts promotions and then questioning us of why they should book at that resort because they don’t think they’re going to fit in and we have to go, Oh dear God.

Now we have to explain to them that they are the. Normal person that, that resort sees that, that resort almost never, maybe one week a year might see those hard balls. Right. And that will be a specific group, very specific group, but all the other groups pretty much, as long as they could pay to go, we’ll sell them a ticket.

Absolutely. So, so it’s just call bunny. I mean, just, I understand this lifestyle, it’s very accepting. They’re very accepting of all ages on all shapes and sizes. It does not matter what background you come from. It doesn’t nothing matters. People just want to meet people. Exactly. So if you’re one of the couples that have been having hang-ups about going to a, a house party, a hotel party, a convention, a club, or.

Resort understand, no matter how much you weigh, how much you are, how old you are, how young you are or anything about you, you are going to meet your counterparts at those. Oh, absolutely. Like a friend of ours says there’s a lid to every pot. Yes. That that’s, that’s a great analogy. So definitely. No doubt.

Yeah. Venture out and be confident in your own skin and don’t overanalyze anything. And we just told you average ages 18 to 80 1880. I mean, we gave you meat, potatoes ages, but realistically in the lifestyle, it’s 18 to 80. And because of where we travel within the, the world, we’ve seen 18 year olds. Yes. Um, Typically the 18, the, the real, real, real young ones don’t even interact with the average people, which is totally fine.

And they have their own week anyways. Yes. All right. So truth in advertising. Yes. The pitcher’s perfectly fine. No matter what you see out there, it’s just, they’re trying to get across. A theme. It would be like a cake maker, throwing down a cake are actually designing a cake. They’re just trying to make it look appetizing.

Exactly. Yeah. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Yes. People say, well, there should be truth in advertising. Y Y there, there, there doesn’t have to be. Let’s go back to the Baker stage. They’re not going to put out their practice ones in the photo. Exactly. They’re going to put out there. Premium. Yeah. So don’t look at that.

Call the club. If you have any question, if you’re going to fit in, I guarantee you a club will be very upfront and honest with you. You call them up and say, I have a dad, bod, she has a mom bod, we’re both 45. Are we going to fit in there? Well, 99% of them will say, yes. There will be that time when you get a, yeah.

You might want to look around and they might even suggest other clubs because they’re in that same location. Absolutely. The club that would require pictures in turn people at the door, they would literally re recommend our club. Guess what? We opened our arms to them. We figured at our club, there was somebody for everybody at our club and it didn’t matter.

Absolutely. All right. So anything else to fill in? Nope. So if you have any comments, go ahead and put them below. Definitely a like, and subscribe to our videos. It definitely helps out if you don’t want to, like, it don’t like it, but don’t dislike it, but definitely comment. Any questions that you would like to see on future?

Right. And I will just throw out there too. Like I said, don’t overanalyze it, just get out there and do it. Just get out there and do it. Absolutely. So go to our inner, uh, go to our Twitter and Instagram. It’s at the little outside Tom Mann bunny. And I’m going to put this up on the screen right now. I think it’s Nope.

This one right there. So just Tom and bunny, as you see it is spelled out the bottom of the screen and subscribe and like us today. We’ll see you soon. See you soon.

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