Corona Virus Update and the Affects on the Lifestyle

Recently we received a request to discuss our opinions on the Corona Virus aka Covid 19 Pandemic and the affects on the swingers lifestyle. This user emailed us multiple questions and we talk about how we feel this has affected all of us. watch our videos at

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Corona Virus Update and the Affects on the Lifestyle hosted by TomandBunny

Hey, y’all, you’re listening to Tom and bunny, and these are our opinions and what works for us central non-monogamy lifestyle. What works for us may or may not work for you. You can watch all of our videos and listen to our That’s Don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at, um, and funny, enjoy our show.

Hey everyone. We’re Tom and bunny. And I bet you are just as happy as we are. Cause we shortened the intro from a minute down to 30 seconds. And we’re going to try to shorten that down. That one actually sounds like we’re getting ready to go to the beach. Yes, that was my rock and roll tune. So, uh, recently we put out a message on all of our social media, our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook page, Facebook group, as well as other social media that doesn’t even pertain to Tom and bunny.

We all did ourselves. Yeah. And we said, because of COVID, we are lacking in content because we normally get our content from. Facebook messages, people having conversations, debates, and our channel is not an answer. It’s just how me and bunny. Deal with situations as a couple and how we deal with the situation does not mean it would be proper for you.

No, absolutely not. So we’re not trying to be mom and dad here and give answers. So we’ve just recently we got a bunch of response we did, and this one actually fits perfectly in the timeline. Yes. And I’ll be honest. This is about Corona. We were not going to do, we did. Three other videos before this about Corona and it got so depressed and we just kept deleting them and deleting them and deleting them.

Um, so this is actually almost, almost to the one year Mark of when, uh, COVID was right when we went into a full pandemic. So the timing on this one is perfect and these questions are actually pretty on spot. Yeah. Most people just put on the video on themes. With no direction, which is fine. That’s all we wanted was a direction to go are just a topic.

And then we can go from there. But we’ve had a couple people say, do one on Corona, do want to COVID and everything and how it affects the lifestyle and stuff. But nobody actually asked. Questions like this person, this person, actually from North Carolina, this person actually asked several questions, which gives us a lot to talk about, but we’re going to try to do this in 15 minutes or less because we know people, their attention span is less than 10 minutes.

Now, watch it all the way through though. Cause we do have questions and answers all the way through this video, right? Absolutely. All right. So I’m going to start right here. I would love to hear or see the realities of the lifestyle during Corona it’s social effect. The reason you are looking for content is exactly the symptom happening currently.

I’d love to see discussed. People are still getting together, going out, et cetera. Hotel parties are still happening, but scaled way back house parties are too, which is absolutely correct. So we have a lot of friends in California and yeah. There are all we hear all the time. Oh, we wish you were in California.

Our friends are having a party. Uh, another friend says that he goes to house parties all the time where there’s 20, 30 couples while other ones are a little more smaller, three or four or five, six couples. I know that doesn’t sound small, but you gotta meet. Remember, and our lifestyle. Yeah, that’s a small number, a small number.

Yeah. Um, Oh yes. All over the country. There are house parties. There’s there was a hotel party that happened in California. And we’re not going to mention any names because we don’t, there’s a lot of people out there putting people on blast for having party. So we’re not gonna put anyone on blast. Uh, we’re not mom and dad here.

But they actually had a hotel party. I believe it was for new year’s Eve. And when we saw the ads, it was for like 200 couples. And we don’t know what happened with the venue because the venue got changed, but the number got lowered down. It was either going to be 200 couples or 200 people. I don’t remember, but it got lowered to 75.

So I don’t know if that was 75 couples or 75 people. So yeah, the, I mean, that’s a huge number of people going to an event and. You know, again, we’re not going to mention any. No, no. The clubs still are not open. Some of them are open they’re running on limited capacities and some are just. Throwing caution to the wind.

Yeah. There are actually clubs out there that are not open in the public eye, meaning their website shows shut down. All their promotions are down. They have very private, exclusive groups where they’re still hosting parties, but only to a very, not a select, but people they could trust. That’s not going to call the health department on it.

A lot of them are doing that. Doing parties that were their current members before the pandemic. Correct. So, and you know, a lot of people think that everything should be shut down because of the Corona, but the fact is. Businesses can’t survive. You got to pay your utilities, got to pay your bills at home.

Not everyone gets unemployment. Nope. Nope. So I, I feel sorry for a lot of these. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. All right. So going on, there are parties happening. Every state that is completely a hundred percent locked down, you can guarantee it in the lifestyle. There are. Hundreds of parties throughout that state, there may be on a very tiny scale, but they are all over the place.

You gotta to look more, you gotta know, you gotta be in the know and you have to be in the know. All right. So we see some being safe and others very irresponsible right now. And then they wrote locally by us, not generalized. Okay. So we have a view on that. Um, who’s to say, who is safe and who’s very irresponsible.

This person posed a great question, but we got to say. If you are seeing people, somebody else can view you, even though you think you’re the one being safe as being the irresponsible ones. So there’s two sides to the coin either. You’re all complicit and you’re irresponsible are, you’re all complicit and you’re very, you’re doing your best to be safe.

Right. I was telling Tom, it’s funny how we come into this a year later and now we have to be in our lifestyle. We have to be. Safe in three weeks, three ways. We have to be safe from one pregnancy, two from venereal diseases, and now we gotta be safe from COVID and have a three-way. So who doesn’t want a three-way condoms, condoms, and a mask or birth control condoms and a mask.

So, um, Now the next question is, but what effect does that have? So what effect does that have? I don’t know what you consider being safer. Very irresponsible. I would say. You know, and, and I have to say, you know, a lot of people think that people that are having the big parties are being the ones that are being the super spreaders are being the ones that are irresponsible, but it’s not the party promoters or anybody like that, or the people that are going it’s, it’s your own opinion.

Well, it’s your opinion. Let’s just say, let’s just say, uh, another friend of ours. Just got called a super spreader for having an event. They kept counseling counseling. The city said it was okay to have the event, but a bunch of people decided to go on podcast and everything and call them a super spreader, magazines, articles, everything about them.

And the problem is, is he was just a host of an event. The people going there. We’re just as complicit for actually being there. He didn’t twist their arm. He didn’t pull them onto an airplane, pull off of an airplane and push them into it. Hotel room, did everything under the sun that he possibly could do to ensure safety and he was gonna lose his right.

Right. You know, and you know, he, everyone was demanding. He put on this party. And, and then when he did put it on, no one defended him. Okay. So, uh, some people had, uh, tested positive. For Corona NATS where all the magazines and all that came out of the woodwork. But the problem is, is we see people going to a resort in Jamaica all the time.

And the resort is claiming almost zero cases of Corona. Now, is that true or not? We don’t know. We’re just going to take them for their word. But what we’re seeing is we think most people are catching it in the airport. I think so too. Well, you, you can’t go to a movie. You can’t. You can’t, you got to stand six feet behind somebody in line at a grocery store, but on an airplane you’re like, right.

You’re packed in, like, we know this because we have flown recently. He did not take out the middle seat. We were packed in there, like sardines. So if we were going to get it, that would have been the time for us to get it. And we don’t want to hear anything about the circulation on an airplane. Right. It doesn’t matter.

Right, right. No. And that, and this one that actually this question actually goes hand in hand with that. Does it change the social scene? Absolutely. It has. We have seen such a divide in the lifestyle at this point. We were recently in California and we were on a website and we put out a hot date. We put out hot dates just for no other reason, but just to chat with people or talk to them online or meet them and possibly, but.

We got this nasty email out of the blue from this couple. Now I blocked them because I didn’t request them to send me a message. But they said, because I put a hot date, they said, keep your virus, opinionated butts out of our city and go away. I mean, they literally turned Karen on us. Yeah. And we’re like, what did we, why did not just question us?

Why not send us an honest message and say, Hey, you know, why don’t we solve this and everything? Uh, we personally would appreciate if you didn’t, but can you explain why you feel the need and maybe give us a forum to talk back and forth, but to just attack us, that’s what we’re seeing in the lifestyle is a 50 50.

Right? Right. And, and it’s, it has been driven a great big wedge through what was a great loving. Fun lifestyle is now has got this major wedge through it. Yeah. You got the people who are, and I don’t even know how to term it, but very fearful of Corona. And then you got the group that’s not at all scared of Corona, right?

So there’s nothing wrong. We, everyone has an opinion and everyone should have their own opinion. They shouldn’t just fall in line just because people scream louder. The thing is, is the people who. Believe that there’s no Corona. Aren’t going to be more, a little bit laid back and not be so vocal. The people who are fearful of it are the ones who want to scream at the people who are not scared of it.

You can’t scream and make someone believe in the virus. You’re just making them. Not trust the virus even more. Correct, but they’re not going to debate you because there’s no reason to try to convince you that. I know that you see the Tik TOK videos and the other stuff that people go out purposely not wearing a mask to trigger people, but I also see the same videos of people that go in looking for people without a mask to try to trigger it.

And people are going to get hurt. They are physically hurt. Right? So that goes in the same thing. Does this, does this change how we interact with each other? I think it does. I think it has what happened is it’s a lot of people are going to remember the people who engaged them and how they were treated during the pandemic is how they’re going to be treated afterwards.

I think the people who treated them. Badly during the pandemic are going to continually to, I mean, basically like someone goes to prison to get rehabilitated. There’s no rehabilitation. You, you were a super spreader. Yup. Yup. So not you, but the person in their mind. So I think the interaction going to kind of hinder for a long, long time, um, does the pickup change, or does the lifestyle sustain itself through pre-established connections or would it change doing things on a grand scale?

Okay. What they’re saying here is, um, Through a preestablished connections. This is, this means, and we’re going to take this as people that you have played with in the past are associated with our communicator within the past. So, but not moving forward because pre-existing means before. All right. So, uh, and I, I can’t even say on something like that, because.

Yeah, we’re we are still seeing clubs open and we are still seeing parties going on. So therefore, I don’t think that it’s going to be any pre-established connections. Well, I’m more on social media than money is. Um, I see a lot of people who think that because they played with somebody previously. That they’re okay to play with today.

W because they at least think they have some knowledge about that. Couple are single male or single female, whereas a new couple, they fear the unknown because they don’t know anything about that person or persons. Would that make sense? It would be like the same as you’re only as safe as your last partner.

So even if you go out and you get, uh, Of venereal disease or, or I’m sorry, if you go out and you get all of your tests done today, today, you play with another couple tomorrow. Yeah. No, those tests are no invoice. The second you play with another couple, if you play with a couple that if you play with a couple on Saturday night who had just went to work all week, then how do you know that they’re not contagious?

Exactly. Exactly. So does the pickup change? I think it does. I think it will change from now on just because, um, people are just going to be a little more cautious from now on, this is a very infectious disease. It’s are very easily to get, um, the debate is. Are you going to die from it? Are you going to heal from it?

So we won’t even go into that debate. We just, no one truly knows that answer. So we’re not going to discuss that. But what we will say is we know that it can go from person to person really fast and rapidly. So I think even when the virus is contained, I think it’s still going to change people. I think it’s changed society itself.

I do too. I do too. Um, has there been a different time in the lifestyle that changed things as much as, okay. So I was going to kind of touch on this on the last comment, but I wanted to hold it because I would have nothing else to talk about on this comment. Uh, the only thing I could think of would be the HIV.

AIDS pandemic of the eighties. And that was long before we came into the lifestyle, but I’m sure it changed it. It was long before we got in the lifestyle, but the lifestyle it’s been around for a long, a lot longer than that, but we were actually, um, In the eighties was definitely the time that we grew up.

So we definitely seen how that, how that affected. Yeah. And while it was predominant, supposedly the predominant in the gay community at that time, there were a lot of husbands that were cheating on their wives and then bringing it home and infecting their wives. So it became a straight diseases. I mean, no, even though the guy’s going with another guy.

It still became a straight disease. Cause now that wife is infecting other people correct our girlfriends. So, so I’m sure that back in the eighties, there was a big difference. But look at it today though. I mean, we’re talking what, 40 years ago, 40 to 40 some years ago. So that’s a long time. I don’t, I’d have to ask some old timers how long it affected them because this pandemic.

Could affect us for 10, 20 years, because we’ve only been in the lifestyle 24 years.

I’m just saying we’re still young as far as the AIDS epidemic, but we, we kind of, there was still a little scare of AIDS when we got in the lifestyle, but it was really, they knew how people were getting it. They had a lot more understanding and, um, But people still get AIDS today. So, um, but people aren’t as afraid of it because I think they understand it or they don’t care.

Right. So they’re thinking with the little guy. All right. So they’re really afraid of it. Then little guy better be wrapped. All right. So what that, yes. I, I think that would be the biggie. And the lifestyle, the only other thing I could think of, right. The, well, you know what I was gonna, I was actually going to say too, um, when the economy crashed, we thought that that was going to be the end of the lifestyle clubs for awhile because of money.

But people came out in droves and they paid with credit cards, credit cards, usage went out the roof because they wanted to get away and they wanted to relieve that stress. Yeah. You know what? I didn’t even think of it. That analogy I was taking more. COVID disease, but yeah, when a market crashed in 2008, we ran a club in California and we literally watched the money going down and we had just gotten a credit card service.

And I think maybe 5% of our. People coming in, were coming in on credit card. Cause God, for pitch, he didn’t want a lifestyle club on your credit card statement because of your tax accountant or whoever did your taxes. They’re going to see all that stuff. And people were definitely afraid of it. But when they started running out of cash, they started not caring so much.

And I always try to tell new clubs when they open, don’t use your club name, use a very vanilla DBA for your club for your credit card processing. So people will feel a little more comfortable. Would you feel more comfortable going to sex or would you feel more comfortable going to Tom buh-bye?

Well, either one, it was pretty bad, but say research like. Sex us versus twice or us, but I’m just saying that pubs, if you’re going to open, I know your name is your brand and you’re proud of it, but you gotta remember the people get affected by your decisions of charging them a certain way, correct?

Correct. And you do your whole point of taking credit cards is for business. All right. We hung out with close friends that are safe. We have. Went to a party where no one had AR ended up having COVID. Okay. So we have thoughts on that. We, we hear all the time, our friends are safe. How do you know that? Did they go to work today?

Did they go to the grocery store? Did they go anywhere? Did they hand money into the little bucket at the fast food where the person takes it and reaches in their hand, pulls the money out with a glove on and puts the money in the drawer, pulls the money out of the drawer with the glove on, puts it back in the bucket and hands it out.

And you reach into this bucket and pull it out. You don’t think you’re going to get Corona from that? You think your friends are safe? They’re not, Nope. Nope. It goes back to the same as your only as. Clean is your last test, right? So. When I hear people say our friends are safe, I can find a thousand analogies to prove that theory wrong.

They may be safer than someone you don’t know are, you may feel they’re safer than someone you don’t know, but to make a claim that they’re safe is a false, a false sense of security. Right? Um, the way that I feel on it, because we’ve been to clubs, we’ve been to parties since, since the pandemic and. Oh, my God, you just outed us all the haters.

You know what, to me, it’s, it’s the same risk as I’m taking, going to the grocery store. Exactly. Right. I mean, you’re, you’re walking past people in the grocery store or Walmart or wherever. I mean, people are still crossing in front of you and within a six month, six feet deep. Right. So now they end it with, we went to a party.

So right there, we’re going to talk about being responsible or. What was the word? No, no. Um, it was very irresponsible. So were you just irresponsible where you safe? Are you very irresponsible? Like I said, just go into a party. You’re either complicit that you were doing your best to be safe. Are your.

Barrier irresponsible, depending on who’s looking from the outside. Exactly. It all depends on who’s looking in. You say we’re no one had our ended up having COVID. Okay. So the validation on that is we know our friends event had 42 cases. But could they tie it directly provable beyond a reasonable suspicion of a doubt that it happened at his event?

Or could they have got it at a restaurant in, on bourbon street and a bar in bourbon street, people will say, well, they wouldn’t have been in that restaurant and bar in San Francisco are New York. Well, they’re closed. Uh, well, we’ll go with Miami, Miami. Okay. So. They wouldn’t have gotten it, had they not gone to that event?

That’s what some people will say, regardless if they were home, they had the same risk of getting it. I do believe, but I don’t have proof. I do believe the culprit most of the time is the airport. I think whenever I see a high number, everybody that we know that it’s gone somewhere. Yeah. Or in his coming home from going somewhere and they have COVID they flu?

Yes. We, we saw a group of, well, there’s a group of 300 people. They all went to one location and in that location, they all tested negative. When they got home, half the group tested positive. Where do you think they got it from? The only, they didn’t all get it in their different Uber’s they didn’t all get it from their own car, the taxi or anywhere.

The common denominator would be. They all went to the airport. They all got new align. They all got into a plane. They flew for hours. Well, just watched a movie out, but just watched the movie outbreak when the guy starts coughing and you see a spray going all over the airplane. So I’m a firm believer that this airplane, so the super spreaders.

Right. So how does this all affect going forward? I, um, I don’t know. I think you’re going to see less attendance at clubs a little bit. I mean, right now the attendance is out the roof. People are tired, they’re tired of it. So let’s just give you an example. If there’s 10,000, I know we’re way over 15 minutes, but if there’s 10,000 couples that are members of a club, I always asked the owner of our old club.

We had 6,500 couples every year. I said, okay, Why don’t all 6,500 couples sit at home going, what do you want to do tonight? I don’t know. What do you want to do? Well, let’s go to the club. Yeah, let’s go to the club. And he went, Oh dear God. That would be like 12, 13,000 people trying to come in the doors. He goes, thank God.

They all don’t think like that. But I, it always goes through my head, but right now everyone’s sitting at home just dying to get out. So the clubs like in Texas and stuff are just bulging at the scene. I think they’re packed because there’s really not many people. Well, and I think that though, the ones that are open are packed at the seams because people in the States that are closed are going there to go to those parties.

The biggest thing that I see in the lifestyle is. We’re social beings. We like to be out there and we like to hug. Yes, we hug everybody. And when you can’t do that for a year, even if you’re not having sex with that person, you still want to have that feeling of hugging. Right. So with that said, yeah. Um, I think once the pandemic dies down and we right now, we’re at like what?

75% less infection rates than we were a couple months ago. Interesting. It dropped that fast, but people are too in the vaccine and they’re doing all their stuff. So that’s good. That’s good that it’s coming down because that has a glimmer of hope. Yeah. For everything, for everything. I just want to go to a damn movie.

Right. We got to go to Arizona to go to the movies. They gotta actually make movies. So last question is, does the age demographic matter younger versus older and how they are or how they see COVID and lifestyle together? Yes, absolutely. We’ll give you an example. There was a F COVID party. And I think we saw somewhere like 12 couples.

Contract a COVID it’s not funny, but it’s just very ironic that, but it was during the height. It was the, I mean, like way back in may of may, of last year. But before anything was supposed to be open. Right. But it wasn’t just one. There were like a bunch of COVID parties. There was one, a college group was on a Lake or something and they were having an F COVID party.

And half of those people got Corona. Right. So that wasn’t even lifestyle. Going back to this question, I think, yes. The younger people feel that they have COVID people. They were well, back in back when it first started, they were saying that people under the age of 30 weren’t as susceptible, well, that came out to be false.

But I think, yes, a younger people have not really had a fear of it. They, they don’t, they’re not thinking about. Transmission. Right. So yeah, definitely the younger people. Now we are seeing people that have had it are going back out because they don’t think that they can get it again. Right. And so definitely the younger versus the older, I think was, uh, Especially in the heightened part of coal.

It’s a big younger people are going to the clubs at the house parties and the hotel parties. There are older people going to them, but not as predominant. Most of the older people that we talk to are getting their vaccines. They’re waiting till they’re vaccinated. Before they actually venture out to Oakland.

I am seeing that big time in the travel industry. They’re holding off on any travel until they can get that vaccination. Right. And other than that, I think the lifestyle well returned to normal. I think the lifestyle is very proactive. I don’t see it going to be, I think it’s going to kind of tame down a little bit and because once everyone starts being able to travel, most of the clubs are bolting because a lot of people can’t travel right now.

Correct. So once the travel industry, Disneyland, all those places reopen all the restaurants, open hell the restaurants aren’t even open. So if you have a club opening where restaurants aren’t opening, you can imagine where are they going to go? Yep. So once everything opens back up, society will resume back to normal with a stigma about.

Being a little leery. Right, right. I think it, yeah, I do think that we’ve seen the last days of people just hugging people randomly or elbow. So tired of it. We’re going to, I was telling Tom earlier, we’re just going to start doing booby rubs. There you go. Hey, I could deal with poopy rubs all day long, especially when topless.

Alright. Until our next video, like I said, we were not going to do a Corona video because we tried it three times. We kept deleting it because it just got very depressing because we were going off track. We didn’t have a, uh, a guy to go off of. We want to thank the person from North Carolina. And again, I will reach out to you for your address.

We will send you a very cool koozie it’s right up. There and we have our stickers. Bunny can show you the sticker. We’re going to be sending a sticker. Did I get it? Yeah. You got it in there. And we’re going to send several packets of spunk lube as a thank you for the question. Absolutely. And, uh, like you said, um, definitely this will hopefully will be the last one on COVID.

Hopefully we don’t have to do one in another year. Right. And things will get back to normal as soon as possible. Yup. So until next time you guys have a great day and please send us your content questions and do like this ask questions and we will answer them on the. On the video. And if you’ll give us permission, we did not use this person’s name because we literally just got the message and I sent them a message.

They have not replied yet, so we’re not going to use their name, but if we can use your name, we will give you a shout out as the originator for the question. Absolutely. All right. Have a good night. Bye-bye.

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