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Non lifestylers at lifestyle events by Tom and Bunny

hey everyone we’re tom and bunny and

today we’re going to be talking about
people who are not in the lifestyle who
like to participate
not participate but attend lifestyle
organize organizations and events
right because we’re all so much fun yes
so the question that we got was we like
to dress up
we like to dress up and we like to go
out and
to lifestyle clubs because we like the
openness of
everybody around us is it okay even
though we’re not
in the lifestyle so there are several
answers to that depending on who you
talk to yeah we
ran a club for 20 years and
we would say absolutely however
you got to understand that the majority
of the people
that are there and yes lifestyle clubs
are amazing as far as people take care
of themselves they dress
nice they’re very friendly they love to
party they love to include you into
their party
where you go to a regular bar you gotta
try to make friends and
yeah we’re in a lifestyle it’s very
it’s very social you could just walk up
to anyone just say hi and they’re going
to talk to you
right but what we would advise is if
you’re one of
those couples that love to hang out with
people in the lifestyle because
we’re so open and honest and friendly
and we like to dress
nice look at bunny and smell pretty
smell pretty
and flirty because i noticed a lot of
them like to flirt they just
don’t play be honest
be very very up front be very
honest when a couple approaches you
they are there to meet people to
potentially hook up with
and play with if you have
no intentions you can straight up let
them know
i mean just say hey we’d love to hang
out with you we’d love to party with you
just to be up front we are not in the
right we don’t partake in the lifestyle
and then don’t be upset if they say okay
and bow out
right and also don’t be upset
if somebody’s hitting on your
significant other right
it’s gonna happen and we’ve seen a lot
of people get upset
you’re in a lifestyle club you’re in a
lifestyle setting it’s gonna happen
whether people know that you’re in the
lifestyle or not
it’s gonna happen right so um
but also what i would also say is we
have to be very careful with our words
here so
i’m gonna use rooster so
if that couple’s hanging out at your
table and you guys are having a good
don’t rooster block them so meaning if
another couple comes up and
says hi to them or they say hi to
another couple
they’re there to meet people to play
with you are not you’re there just for
fun and entertainment
so don’t roost or block their fun
ultimately their goal is to
get in their panties right trying
they’re looking for the hookup they’re
looking for the hookup
but it doesn’t mean they can’t be
friends with you no absolutely not
that i mean we’re friends with a lot of
people that clearly
will never be in the lifestyle and we’re
okay with that
but we also let them know straight up if
we go over here don’t follow us
if we go over there don’t follow us stay
stay stay because we don’t need because
some people will think
oh they’re already talking to that
couple so they’ve already got a hookup
that in itself is a rooster block
so you got to be careful about who
you’re hanging out with who you’re
associating with
so if you’re in the lifestyle and the
couple that you are
just hanging out doing shots with
partying and you know they’re not in the
hanging out with them if you’re looking
to hook up
you are i mean people just will
turn to another couple because they
already think you’re gonna
play with the other couple right you
know and you you
we’ve had the situation like hedonism
we’re in the nude pool
everybody’s naked right and just
randomly talking
to people and just having a good time
and and
a lot of them will say you know what
we’re just nudists yeah oh
that’s fine that’s fine we’re great just
because i’m in the
nude pool doesn’t mean that i’m trying
to get down what panties you have on
but pat on but no and that’s just the
way that you need to do it you know hey
let people know we might not be on the
same level we’re not looking for the
same things you are but we
definitely like this environment and we
like to come and have fun
no keep in mind a couple that is at a
lifestyle club who are not in the
who like to dress up dance and party
because they’re not in the lifestyle
today doesn’t mean they won’t be in the
lifestyle next week next month next year
don’t don’t snub them
because just because they’re not
partaking in the lifestyle doesn’t mean
that they’re not
they’re obviously open enough to go into
a club yes
absolutely we’ve seen people that
have come we’re at the club for two or
three years before they ever
did anything oh yeah and it’s just
because they found that
right couple right circumstance
and and then they became best friends
and bane each other for years
so yeah um as far as that goes
if you are a couple that you are
not going to partic partake in the
be upfront it doesn’t mean the couple’s
going to shun you or
go talk smack behind your back just give
them the opportunity go meet people
and especially in this day and age
there’s so many people that are on so
many different levels
you’ve got poly um you’ve got
bisexual you’ve got every full slot swap
soft swap
everything’s under the sun and now
everybody is allowing
you know lgbtq clubs polly clubs
everybody’s intermingling
i kept thinking of saying holly like
Christmas time coming up
so now you really have to communicate
your wants and your desires
exactly so with that said but i do know
that there
are couples that will never play with
another couple
and it drives me nuts because i’m not
going to say nothing i mean if i’m
managing a club and i’m
witnessing it it’s not for me to
hinder anybody’s fun whether it’s a
not in lifestyle or a couple in the
lifestyle but i see
certain tables they try to attract
young attractive couples over with no
intentions have
ever played anything because they just
want to have a party table
and now these people paid 80 bucks to go
into the club
and they’re not gonna get laid right
at all i had to i had to be the rooster
block one time we had a
uh a female and she was
all over a friend of ours that was
happened to be on a sunday so he was a
single male
and i knew she didn’t do anything yeah
she was a tease
she was a tea she liked the attention
and he was only there a short amount of
time every or when he would come
and do his thing and then leave and i
had to pull him to the side and say hey
you know what
you’re not getting anywhere with this
one you might as well just she has a
nice chastity belt hidden on
under there and he came up to me later
he’s like
i sat back and i watched he goes thank
you for the advice yeah because we see
we see it all the time so you know what
if you’re that couple
more power to you get dressed up come to
swing clubs have fun really invite
people to your table have fun but just
be honest with people
and don’t take offense if they move
their personal party to another table or
go somewhere else
you’re going to have the hardcore
lifestyle people that are going to be
i’m out of here yeah don’t take offense
to it and you’re going to have the
newbie couples that
um don’t have nowhere else to go and
they’re going to sit with you
but then you’re going to have the
relaxed couple that go with the flow
and they don’t care if they get laid
that night or not they’re just
if they have a great time that’s all
that matters to them because like i said
everybody’s on their own agenda we
used to watch people come in all the
time and they would get upset because
they paid 80
and they didn’t hook up for the night
right you know what
everything happens on its own and
there’s no guarantees there’s no
so all right so with that said
just uh go out and have fun just be up
front on your intentions
uh with the other couple so that way it
gives the other couple an
opportunity to make their night the best
night that they can absolutely
all right so until next time see you
soon bye

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