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Do you want to be on a podcast

We are looking for Couples and Singles in the Swinging Lifestyle to be on our podcast.  We can do podcast in person when we are in your area or we can setup a remote Skype podcast with you.   If you would like to be on one of our future podcast, please send us the following information.

We know that we only have our opinion when we are doing our videos and podcast and we wanted to open up our discussions to include other opinions or different opinions as our listeners are looking for answers to questions about the swingers lifestyle

You do not need to use your real names if you would like to podcast with us! you may remain anonymous for your privacy

When emailing us please provide the following information

  1. Full Name (s) (We don’t have to use your real names on the podcast)
  2. Ages Male & Female
  3. Years in the Lifestyle
  4. A good contact phone number
  5. Your suggestion of the podcast title you would like to be on
  6. Have you ever been on a Podcast 
  7. The best time to get together to do a Podcast
  8. Tell us any additional information you feel we would need or more info on the Podcast.

    What is the best time to do a Podcast? (required)


    Mike and Sheri

    Tom and Bunny interview Michael and Sheri from ASN Lifestyle Magazine

    We talk to Michael and Sheri the owners of ASN Lifestyle Magazine about what people can expect to see when exploring their lifestyle related content.   We also talk about taking Candy from Strangers in this episode!  It’s a must listen to and we look forward to your comments.

    we welcome your feedback and opinions below at the bottom of our page.

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