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Episode 1 Male Erectile Dysfunction – Who are Tom and Bunny

Episode 1 Male Erectile Dysfunction – Who are Tom and Bunny?
We are a couple in the Consensual Non Monogamy Swingers Lifestyle and we have been battling  for the past 16 years this dreaded issue millions of people deal with on a daily basis. Male impotence is not a swingers issue, this issue affects anyone at anytime regardless of heath or age.

Our goal is to inform you of what methods we have personally tried to better educate people of the many different possible solutions, as many doctors do not even realize of all the different ways to treat this problem or they are fixated on the one way they are comfortable with and while what may not have worked for us, very well may work for you and we ask that you keep a positive attitude, open mind and always consult your family doctor but more importantly, consult a Urologist you can trust.   If you would like to talk to us personally, we would be happy to talk about this or any other issues. We suggest doing your own research before discussing with your doctor of different methods you would like to discuss with them so you are informed and sometimes you may be informing your doctor of different methods.

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Can a relationship go back to exactly how it was after one cheats

Dear Tom and Bunny

Can a relationship go back to exactly how it was after one cheats?

Our Opinion

We don’t condone cheating for any reason whats so ever.  we often hear all the time that they love their spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend or whatever they identify as.  We know people can have a lot of love for each other in a sexless commitment however we also know that in our instance, we initially got together as we had a sexual attraction for each other and thankfully we still have that sexual attraction if not more today than before.   Cheating is a very hard breach of trust with most people, while some can get past it, is it going to go back exactly as it was before?  we don’t think it would, regardless if the other person says they fully forgive the person who cheated, it would be something they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Can two people get past the cheating, very possible, and we know that people forgive all the time, we know we have done things in our lives that the other one of us may not have agreed with and is willing to move past that situation as the current situation is much better than the unknown.

Would our relationship go back to exactly the way it was? No it couldn’t because of the trust.  it would take many years of trust to be on the same page however there will always be that twinge of doubt and it would be something that needed to be worked on for life and if you love the person you are with and you were the one cheating, you have to always and forever remind her or him how much you love them, how sorry you are and always make sure they have no reason to doubt your actions in the future.

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