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5-11-2020 Facebook Jail and KIK

Facebook jail and KIK Messenger

5-11-2020 Facebook Jail and KIK Messenger

Today we discuss getting thrown into Facebook jail and our hatred for the KIK Messenger.
We have been put into Facebook Jail twice now for post we did almost 4 years ago! We are posting the image below on www.TomandBunny.com  and we discuss how we posted on a profile we no longer had access to and wonder why facebook keeps penalizing us for an account that belongs to someone else.     On a second note, one of our listeners just reached out and asked us about the KIK Messenger and our thoughts, while we directed him to an earlier podcast we included our hatred for this program as well.

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Leave a comment below and tell us your thought on this subject, have you ever been with someone who was fresh out of the shower or have you been with someone that had the smell of funk all in their crotch area?  we want to know!  Post below.

what we do during a pandemic with Tom and Bunny

what we do during a pandemic with Tom and Bunny

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We are really not liking the KIK App with Tom and Bunny

So recently we have been getting a lot of request to join chats using the App KIK and we are finding that people don’t actually know how to have a conversation anymore.  On this #Podcast we discuss the pains of trying to induce conversation with people who actually requested us to chat with them to only get replies such as “OK”  “Where you at?” “Whats Up”   do people know to type more than two words or two letters anymore?  While this is a Rant, it is kind of funny and we don’t take it personal.

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